Bench Events offers tickets to Iran Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference on 7-8 February 2017 in Tehran

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December 30th, 2016


Partnering supplier, Bench Events, is offering a limited number of tickets to the Iran Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference for HotelSwaps members to purchase with Points. 2025 Tourism Vision is expecting to see Iran's tourism arrivals grow to 10 million by 2019 and generate $30 billion in tourism revenues by 2025. This conference will focus on hotel development and tourism attraction in Iran, drawing an international audience of industry decision-makers. 


The region's experts will share their insight on unique opportunities available in the future and elaborate on how the government is stimulating foreign investment projects. Goldman Sachs has called Iran one of the 11 most promising global markets, with huge opportunities spanning across numerous industries, such as energy, mining, and manufacturing, in addition to tourism & hospitality, where only 13 of Tehran's hotels are classified as five-star. 


The event presents an excellent opportunity for networking with investors, financiers, consultants, and government officials from the Middle East and abroad. It will be held from the 7th to the 8th of February 2017 in Tehran at the Parsian Evin Hotel. Tickets are available for purchase at 1,400 Points each. 


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