D-Edge & HotelSwaps Technical Guide

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Connect to HotelSwaps via D-EDGE
Technical Guide





This technical guide is intended to highlight the key differences between HotelSwaps and other OTAs when connecting and managing HotelSwaps on your D-EDGE channel manager. For a general training on the essentials of the D-EDGE channel manager, please contact your D-EDGE account manager.






If you are not yet a member of HotelSwaps, visit www.hotelswaps.com/d-edge, chose a membership option and apply. You will receive a confirmation email from HotelSwaps when your membership is approved.





If you are using Fastbooking, please contact your D-EDGE account manager.


If you are using Availpro:


  1. 1. Send an email to d-edge@hotelswaps.com letting us know you wish to connect so we can open your HotelSwaps hotel profile to D-EDGE and remind you of your HotelSwaps membership ID.
  2. 2. Log in to D-EDGE, go to the tab “Channel Manager” and click on “Add new channel”.
  3. 3. Search for the channel “HotelSwaps” or ID 15409 and click “Add” once found.
  4. 4. On the HotelSwaps channel page, enter your HotelSwaps membership ID.





  1. 1. Map your Standard room double occupancy (or equivalent).
  2. 2. Set the rate to Best Available Rate or 0. You can choose to include Breakfast. You will need to indicate this both on the rate plan and on your Hotel Information page on HotelSwaps.
  3. 3. “Confirm” to send the request to connect to the D-EDGE team.
  4. 4. You will be notified by D-EDGE when the connection is live.





HotelSwaps does not support CTA, CDA, min stay and max stay. You can choose to restrict HotelSwaps reservations for certain periods of the year by opening and closing availability for the HotelSwaps channel accordingly.





Credit card details

You will not receive the credit card details of a HotelSwaps Guest at the time of booking. You can request Credit Card details from the HotelSwaps Guest at the time of check-in to cover for any local tourism taxes and guest incidentals.


Reservation requests

HotelSwaps members may send you reservation requests to stay at your property during periods when you have not allocated availability on your channel manager. You will receive such reservation requests by email and will be able to accept or decline directly on the HotelSwaps website here. Accepted reservation requests will appear on your channel manager.





You will earn HotelCoins as payment for reservations made by other HotelSwaps members.


HotelCoin pricing

The pricing of your hotel rooms in HotelCoins is determined by HotelSwaps based on your hotel’s category and seasonality so you do not need to maintain a separate pricing in HotelCoins on the channel manager. You can find more details about HotelCoin pricing in the HotelSwaps FAQs here.


HotelCoin management

Management of your HotelCoins account is done on the HotelSwaps website. Logging in will let you view your HotelCoin balance and account history, transfer HotelCoins to any person of your choice, view availability at other member hotels, book your HotelSwaps reservations and order products and services from HotelCoin suppliers.


HotelCoin credits and cancellations

Your HotelCoin account will be credited with the relevant number of HotelCoins at the time of the booking. If a guest cancels 15 days or more before the check-in date, the HotelCoins earned at the time of booking will be debited from your hotel account. If a guest cancels 14 days or less before the check-in date, your hotel keeps all HotelCoins earned at the time of booking.




HotelSwaps FAQs and specific Terms & Conditions


The detailed HotelSwaps Terms and Conditions can be found here.

And additional questions are answered here.