Atix Hotel – Design Hotels™, La Paz, Bolivia joins HotelSwaps

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March 14th, 2018


As the first Design Hotels™ member in Bolivia, Atix is a luxury hospitality pioneer for art-inclined, design-savvy travelers, set in the breathtaking city of La Paz. Here, bold cosmopolitan travelers come together to experience exquisite local cuisine, world-class design, and a thrilling landscape of deep red canyons and glowing sunsets that all celebrate the hotel’s passion for Bolivian culture.


Designed to be a live-in art gallery, the 53-room Atix, which means “one who thrives” in Quechua, displays fine-art photography and artwork in the guest corridors, rooms, and common areas by native artist Gastón Ugalde - known as the Andy Warhol of the Andes. For the commission, Ugalde traveled to places such as South Lípez Desert, Lake Titicaca, and Salar de Uyuni to capture Bolivia’s stunning landscape.


The hotel’s Ona Restaurant celebrates the country’s biodiversity and the best of its gastronomic traditions. The hotel invites guests to a rooftop bar set next to an enticing infinity pool and Jacuzzi where they can experience world-class cocktails inspired by the Bolivian culture, traditions, and flavors.


HotelSwaps is pleased to announce Atix as its newest member in La Paz, Bolivia.