BURSA Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine joins HotelSwaps

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May 24th, 2019
BURSA finds itself right on the crossroads of history and youth culture, in the very centre of Podil, Kyiv’s historical but vibrant neighbourhood.
Hip little bars and restaurants emerge in 19th-century buildings; old tramways crawl their ways through paved streets; countless nightclubs, galleries and charming courtyards - that’s what Podil is today.
BURSA is just one block away from Kontraktova Ploscha, Podil’s main square, and a 5-minute drive to Maydan Nezalezhnosti, Kyiv’s main square. It lies within walking distance from Dnipro riverside and Andriyivskyy Descent, known for the house of writer Mikhail Bulgakov and numerous artist’s studios. The centre of Kyiv’s reviving techno scene, the legendary Closer club, is just around the corner.
HotelSwaps is pleased to welcome BURSA hotel as its newest member in Kiev, Ukraine.