Cristalino Lodge – An Amazon Sanctuary, Alta Floresta, Brazil joins HotelSwaps

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August 30th, 2019 
The Cristalino Lodge (BLTA) offers some memorable experiences within this wonderful setting, with guided trips into the forest and along the river. The daily activities include walking the forest trails accompanied by experienced guides, birding and visiting local conservation and educational projects. Boating and canoeing, plus enjoying the beautiful sunrises and sunsets from the vantage point of one of the observation towers are among the outstanding memories of the guests. Others might prefer to relax on the floating deck built over the River Cristalino or take a nap in a hammock. 
The Cristalino Lodge is ideal for travellers who like nature and want to be a part of the local conservation effort. The lodge was presented with the World Savers Award in 2008, by Condé Nast Traveler, and was selected in 2013, by National Geographic Traveler, as one of 25 best Ecolodges in the world, due to the authentic experiences it provides, along with comfort and responsible tourism.
HotelSwaps is pleased to welcome Cristalino Lodge as its newest member in Brazil.