Esperas, Santorini, Greece joins HotelSwaps

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July 1st 2014


As a member of the Historic Hotels of Europe, Esperas, in Oia, Santorini, offers unique views of the sea and the sunset, relaxing days and peaceful nights to all its visitors.


Santorini Island is considered to be the most romantic island in Greece, whereas Oia is globally famous for the remarkable sunset. The volcanic era of the island left a rather colorful legacy. The White beach, the Black beach and the Red beach, all take their names from the pebbles and sand which cover them. A big part of the Santorini experience is tasting the local cuisine and local wines and certainly a visiting its museums and archaeological sites.


The bright sun, the fresh sea breeze and the unparalleled views will enable you to experience endless moments of relaxation by the pool, at the verandas, on the queen-sized beds or in your private Jacuzzi.


HotelSwaps is pleased to welcome Esperas as a new destination in its international network of hotel members.


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