Faundit joins the HotelSwaps’ Supplier Programme 

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May 21st 2020  
Forgetting a valuable belonging can easily ruin guests’ holiday memories as well as harm the guest experience. Frankly, it is also resource consuming for the hotels themselves. At Faundit, they believe it is possible to convert such negative situations into positive outcomes.  
Faundit is an online platform that guarantees a seamless service to handle Lost & Found across the hospitality industry and their team is motivated to transform such negative situations into loyal guests. How? Simply, by providing an innovative solution through automating all the complicated procedures. In this way, Faundit take over the inconvenient Lost & Found procedures, thus organisations gain satisfied customers without spending the time and effort. 
Faundit helps partners in the Hospitality and Travel industries all over the world. The platform has the objective to make Lost & Found as easy as possible for hotels and their guests. 
Faundit now also offer their services to all HotelSwaps members for payment in HotelCoins. 
HotelSwaps is pleased to partner with Faundit to offer its hotel members another way to exchange their empty hotel rooms for creative solutions and meaningful savings. 
More information on Faundit.