Introducing HotelCoin® brokerage – The solution to unlimited travel and savings worldwide

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April 24th, 2018
HotelSwaps launches a brokerage service for its members, allowing hotel members to sell their surplus of HotelCoins to other hotel members.
There is an ever-increasing number of hoteliers using HotelSwaps to create a value from empty rooms and save on business and leisure travel around the world. What if there was no end to the possibilities to earn and save through HotelSwaps?
#1 Hotel member can sell their excess HotelCoins® to other hoteliers
There is always a good reason to accept HotelSwaps reservations in empty rooms. If members can’t use the HotelCoins fast enough for business trips, executive staff incentives or suppliers’ offerings, they can now sell the excess HotelCoins from their hotel’s balance to other hotel members wishing to travel more. 
When HotelSwaps finds a buyer for HotelCoins, the hotel selling HotelCoins gets paid USD 0.40 per HotelCoin sold. HotelCoin sale requests are processed on a First Come First Sold basis.
#2 HotelSwaps members can buy HotelCoins® and continue saving on each booking
No matter how many HotelCoins a member has earned, hoteliers can always top-up their hotel or personal account to get access to the property and dates in mind. 
HotelCoins can be purchased at USD 0.50 per HotelCoin.
#3 HotelSwaps members can borrow HotelCoins® and pay only for accepted requests
While the majority of reservation requests get accepted, there is no reason for our hoteliers to take a bet. HotelSwaps members can borrow the number of HotelCoins they need to make requests and pay for the accepted requests only. 
The HotelCoin brokerage service is offered to basic and premium members and their guests.
See the full Terms & Conditions and FAQs.