La Bandita Townhouse, Tuscany, Italy, joins HotelSwaps

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September 30th, 2013


La Bandita Townhouse is a 12-room luxury boutique hotel tucked inside the historic center of Pienza, a tiny Renaissance jewel of a village in southern Tuscany.


The building is a rambling Renaissance-era palazzo where nuns have lived for over 500 years. With its main door on the Corso Rossellino, a cobblestone lane the property itself blends in completely with the Renaissance character of the rest of the village, its façade indistinguishable from the attached buildings. No exterior changes were made in the renovation, and a not a single square meter of space was added.


Rather than drop a new formal hotel into an old town, La Bandita Townhouse aims to create a comfortable, fun, and stylish place to relax, eat well and get caught up in the rhythms of everyday life: the stillness of the main piazza in the morning, the old ladies making their daily shopping trail, and the evening hum of bustling trattorias.


HotelSwaps is pleased to welcome La Bandita Townhouse as a new member.