Mykonos Theoxenia - Design Hotels™ , Mykonos, Greece joins HotelSwaps

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February 27th, 2018
One of the most famous boutique hotels designed by the famous architect Aris Constantinides. Mykonos Theoxenia luxury hotel was inspired by the 60's and is now considered "national preserved property" for its innovative style, architecture and the unique use of local stone and craftsmanship while respecting traditional Cycladic architecture. A team of hospitality experts and interior designers have undertaken the challenge of transforming one of the most historic hotels in Mykonos into a luxury boutique hotel, while maintaining its initial distinctive character. 
Mykonos Theoxenia is the perfect island mix of soothing pastels and carefully chosen Mediterranean antiques and flea market finds. A place where privacy and tranquility are of utmost importance. 
During the day, sun-worshippers can soak up golden rays on white Moroso beach chairs or luxuriate within curtained four-poster beds facing out to the Aegean. Later, they can chill out among the cool stone details and crisp turquoise, citrus and white decor. The novel use of energetic colors renders the design experience as exciting and joyful as a bowl of ripe fruit. 
HotelSwaps is pleased to announce Mykonos Theoxenia as its newest member in Greece.