Provocateur - Design Hotels™, Berlin, Germany joins HotelSwaps

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February 28th, 2018
Just off Berlin's Kurfürstendamm shopping street in the Charlottenburg district, a new opening from the team behind Roomers Frankfurt seduces guests with fusion cuisine, 58 lavish rooms, and an award-winning bar concept.
Provocateur plays host to a Chinese - French restaurant headed by the nationally renowned Duc Ngo - the man behind such establishments as moriki Frankfurt and Madame Ngo Berlin - offering modern Chinese cuisine with a French flare, while sumptuous beds and the bar's menu of classic cocktails with a provocative twist enable guests to adhere to the hotel's mantra of "stay up all night and sleep all day." 
The interiors mix 1920s Paris with the urban Berlin of today - think twinkling chandeliers, low lighting, contemporary artworks, and velvet curtains - while the building is a perfect picture of the modern-style Art Nouveau architecture that prevails in this exciting neighbourhood. Much like the low-lit booths of the basement event space and bar, the hotel exudes a mysterious personality that's dressed up in its finest attire. 
Encapsulating its prevailing character of mystery and sensuality, the hotel offers up its exclusive "Provocateur Mode", a multisensory in-room experience that goes well with Champagne and dimmed chandeliers. 
HotelSwaps is pleased to announce Provocateur as its newest member in Germany.