SpaYse International joins the HotelSwaps’ Supplier Programme

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March 1st 2018


SpaYse International has entered into agreement with HotelSwaps to offer selected recruitment services to HotelSwaps members in return for HotelCoins.


For over 30 years, SpaYse has been a leader in recruitment in the hospitality industry with inspiring candidates, unique relations and an extensive global network. SpaYse offers permanent, temporary and in-house recruitment solutions.


Three service packages are offered by SpaYse to HotelSwaps members for purchase in HotelCoins:


► Job advertising: Advertising service allowing hoteliers to market their job vacancies through the agency’s range of online advertising solutions.


► Recruitment: Full recruitment service from mid-level management to operational personnel.


► Executive search: Full recruitment service for senior hotel executives such as General Managers and Executive Chefs.


HotelSwaps is pleased to partner with SpaYse to offer its hotel members a way to use HotelCoins to trade their empty hotel rooms for recruitment services and meaningful cost savings.



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