Viwa Island Resort, Yasawa Islands, Fiji joins HotelSwaps

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July 26th, 2019
Hidden away in the Yasawas Island Group lies Viwa Island Resort, an exclusive private island paradise for adults only. Viwa is the perfect getaway for those looking to lay back on white sandy beaches, explore crystal clear turquoise waters, and experience what it means to live the Fijian lifestyle.
Viwa Island Resort aims to provide an unparalleled guest experience by blending the modern with the traditional. Allow yourself to unwind to pristine white sandy beaches and crystal azure waters, adventure through the mountains or discover untouched coral reefs, and experience a deeper and more meaningful connection with the Fijian culture and lifestyle through the local community.
HotelSwaps is pleased to welcome Viwa Island Resort as its newest member Yasawa islands, Fiji.